You have reached the homepage of Daniel Sjöberg! He has been working as an actor and singer for more than 20 years on stage, TV and film. The last 10 years Daniel has also worked as a Dialogue Director for the Swedish versions of many of Disney/Pixar and Illuminations animated movies.

The fall of 2018 Daniel did the male lead in the Broadway musical Bridges of Madison County. After that Daniel once again played the palaeontologist Huxley who encounters dinosaurs in the arena spectacular Walking With Dinosaurs in Stockholm, Gothenberg and Malmo.

Right now he is on tour with the show GRÅT and directing a couple of new animated movies. Daniel is also preparing a stage project that will open this fall. More info about this project shortly.

Daniel is also involved in a couple of music projects. One of them is Still Company. Please visit SPOTIFY or iTunes to listen.